J B Riney & Co Ltd has been based in the East End of London and has worked within the inner City Boroughs and throughout London for over 30 years.

 Over the years our Directors have worked hard to develop an inclusive organisation and our Equal Opportunities policy is designed to ensure that job applicants, employees, clients, supply chain partners and the general public are treated fairly and are not subject to unfair discrimination on any grounds whatsoever   

 We have always employed a strategy of retaining permanent staff and a directly employed fully trained labour force, which reflects the communities in which we serve, and this has given us the opportunity through recruitment, training, and example to inspire and promote a culture of Equality and Diversity  in all of our business activities and in our dealings with the local communities.

 All of this was established long before much of the current legislation came into force and is reflected in our employment policies, procedures and practices. We believe that discrimination is unjust and unfair to individuals, groups of people and communities.

 Our policy is regularly reviewed to ensure that we continue to meet changing legislation, including the requirements of the Equality Act 2010.

 The nature of our business dictates that we must recognise and cater for the needs of local businesses, shops and the general public as we carry out our works and by understanding, recognising and involving the diversity of our own employees, we have been able to engage and work effectively and with sensitivity within the diverse communities in which we provide our services..

 We also ensure that, all operational sites, depots and offices are designed to accommodate the needs of disabled people.

 Our employees have personal responsibility for the practical application of this policy and always ensure that they act in accordance with its aims and objectives. We will not tolerate any discriminatory practices or behaviour.